About Me

Mike, the founder of the Fire Safety Tip blog, is a proud father of three lovely kids, two boys, and a girl. During his free time, he enjoys traveling to new places to experience different cultures and expand his horizons. He also loves camping and hiking with his family.

Shortly after renovating his home, he decided to learn as much as he could about fire safety to educate his family and to make his home fireproof. He felt obligated to create the Fire Safety blog because there was no one source on the internet that comprehensively aggregates the various aspects of fire safety.

With the help of a trusted friend, Mike was able to put the Fire Safety Blog together. The results of Mike’s deep and extensive research can be found on the blog. The blog is strictly focused on helping people learn how to prevent, detect and fight fires. It is also loaded with timeless tips that will definitely come in handy in the event of a fire.

Feel free to contact me via mike@firesafety.tips