Firefighter Functional Fitness by Dan K. and Jim M.

5.0 rating
  • AuthorDan Kerrigan, Jim Moss
  • PublisherFirefighter Toolbox
  • Published6/21/2016
  • Pages320

Firefighter Functional Fitness: The Essential Guide to Optimal Firefighter Performance and LongevityOpens in a new tab. is a must-read for newbies, and veteran firefighters, as it is loaded with tips, hack, and researched backed advice that can help firefighters have a long healthy career.  

The authors of this book, Dan Kerrigan and Jim Moss, are both passionate about fire fighting, health, and fitness. They wrote this book to help firefighters improve their physical performance, boost their mental strength, and arm them with the intricate knowledge they need to do their job better. Jim Moss, who is a career fire officer, has seen first hand that putting out fires is physically and mentally draining. One wrong move and lives could be lost. 

Dan Kerrigan, who is a career chief officer, is an advocate of firefighters’ fitness and understands how fitness can help firefighters reach their potential and reduce the risk of injury. The joint experiences, skill, and passion of both authors is what embellished this book and makes it one of the best books for fire firefighters on the market.

Although this book was written for firefighters, everyone can benefit from it. Its pages are loaded with up-to-date information about losing weight and becoming fit. Since the book is written clearly, anyone will be able to get something from it. The well-thought-out development and organization of the program make it easy for newbies to follow, and veterans to add a new challenge to their workout. Even more, it helps firefighters understand why their workout should be functional and not the regular triceps/back/ biceps and chest routine that everybody is doing. Note that the exercises unveiled in the book were carefully handpicked by the authors, as they can be done with limited equipment and target the muscle group needed by firefighters. 

The information-packed in the exercise section of this book are top-notch, as they are backed by research and studies. There are also hundreds of photos that describe the right form for stretching and lifting. You will also come across some classic, and yoga-style compound stretches. The nutritional section of the book does a good job explaining the importance of hydration (which is overlooked by most people), a balanced diet. The book also highlights the importance of rest, sleep, and yearly medical exams.

This amazing book also has a special chapter for fire chiefs that will help them scale through organizational barriers that limit fitness programs. 

Every Fireman who has sworn to protect his community should read this book. You won’t be disappointed. Here is what one satisfied reader had to say about the book. 

“I’ve been a firefighter for 18 years. This book is the best I’ve seen on the subject of overall firefighter health and fitness. If it is read and the information used, it will make you a better, more capable, more confident firefighter.”

Needless to say, this book is an amazing book and a must-have for firefighters. The only issue with it is that some statements about saturated fat that was mentioned in it are unclear and somewhat questionable.