Amerex 250 AFFF Foam Extinguisher Review

foam extinguisher is a sleek, user-friendly, and rugged fire extinguisher. Its modern design, exceptional finishing, and superior performance will amaze you.

To ensure that it stands the test of time, it was crafted with premium quality materials by experts who know what they are doing. Since this rugged masterpiece has an all-metal valve construction and carefully polished stainless steel, you can be confident that it can withstand consistent use and will not fall apart after a while.

The Amerex 250 AFFF foam extinguisher is nothing like the many extinguishers out there that are overly sophisticated and difficult to use. This high-performance extinguisher is easy to use, maintain, and refill. Opting for this extinguisher will save you from the burden of figuring things out on your own or spending endless hour researching, as it comes with a detailed manual that contains everything you need to know about using and maintaining it. The user manual is in multiple languages and is written comprehensively.

One striking thing about this extinguisher is that it offers maximum visibility when in use. This means that its content will not obscure your vision when you are using it. Also, it leaves no powder residue. So, you can be confident that it won’t leave behind any hard to remove stains or residue in your home.

This top-notch extinguisher comes with a five-year warranty. So, if its performance declines or it stops working properly, you are protected.

Putting out flames with the Amerex 250 AFFF foam extinguisher is relatively easy. Thanks to its premium quality air aspirated nozzle, you will be able to effectively apply fire smothering agent easily.

This extinguisher is ideal for use in residential buildings, offices, schools, and facilities where Class A and B fires can spring up. It is also great for outdoor use.

The Amerex 250 AFFF foam extinguisher also features a super-effective alcohol-resistant fire suppressing agent that can easily put out Class B materials like polar solvents, alcohols, and hydrocarbons. One amazing thing about this extinguisher is that it can seal the surfaces of non-ignited class B liquid spill, thus reducing the odds of them igniting and starting a fire. This extinguisher is also perfect for putting out Class A combustibles like wood and plastic. The special foaming agent in the extinguisher is designed to break the interaction between the flames and the fuel source.

This extinguisher is one of the best foam extinguishers out there, but it has a few issues. Some customers complained that it is pricy. Others complained that its dispense range is short.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Comprehensive multilingual manual
  • It leaves no residue
  • Temperature range of 40 0 F to 120 0 F
  • High-quality air aspirated nozzle
  • It offers maximum visibility
  • Bar-coded labels  


  • It is easy to use and maintain
  • Reputable brand
  • Exceptional performance
  • Solid construction


  • Short discharge range
  • It is pricy

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