Amerex B500 Dry Chemical Extinguisher Review

Amerex B500 is a must-have for homeowners looking for a versatile, light-weight, and effective fire extinguisher. The sturdy construction, super sleek finishing, and jaw-dropping performance of this excellent extinguisher are what set it apart from others out there. 

Amerex, the illustrious brand behind this extinguisher is known for its keen attention to detail and dedication to excellence. Over the years, they have released different top-quality extinguisher models, all of which have been applauded by many. The Amerex B500 is no exception because it is reliable, easy to use, durable, and safe.

One of the main reasons why a lot of people opt for this extinguisher over others is that it is lightweight. Truth be told, no one wants to carry a bulky extinguisher regardless of how effective it is.

Because this extinguisher was made with the highest quality materials, you can be confident that it will last you for a very long time.

When you purchase this extinguisher, you won’t have to go to the market to purchase another for years and years to come. The reason for this isn’t just because it is sturdy and is made from the highest quality materials, but also it is rechargeable and has a very high rating.

As you likely know, one of the most important parts of an extinguisher is the valve. The obvious reason for this is that it affects the pressure and overall performance of an extinguisher. Most domestic extinguishers on the market come with plastic valves. The problem with plastic valves is that they can be affected by the elements. Also, they may dry out and shrink, thus making a fire extinguisher useless. You won’t have to worry about this if you opt for the Amerex B500 because it has an all-aluminium valve assembly that won’t shrink or be affected by the elements.

Thanks to the premium quality hose that comes with this rugged extinguisher, you will be able to put out flames easily. With the hose, you will be able to aim accurately and put out fires without you struggling to keep the extinguisher upright.

The fire suppressing agent in this extinguisher, which is mono ammonium phosphate is powerful, and can easily put out Class A, B, and C fires. Bear in mind that the fire suppressing chemical is safe and doesn’t do any damage to furniture.

The effectiveness and versatility of the Amerex B500 make it the perfect household fire extinguisher. Of course, it can also be used in schools, offices, factories, and in the outdoors.

As you can tell, the Amerex B500 is an excellent fire extinguisher. But it has one issue. The mounting bracket that comes with it isn’t sturdy and may fall apart after a while.


  •  All metal construction
  •  Its valve is made from premium quality aluminium
  •  It comes with a hose
  •  It is reusable
  • It comes with a mounting bracket


  •  It is easy to use and maintain
  •  Perfect for putting out class A, B, and C fires


  • Low-quality mounting bracket.
Amerex B500 ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher 2A-10 BC Rated, 5 lb.
  • ABC Dry Chemical, Class A:B:C Extinguisher
  • For use on Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (Flammable liquid) spills or Fires involving live electrical equipment (Class C)
  • 14 sec. discharge time
  • All metal valve construction, Aluminum Valve
  • Includes Wall Bracket

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