Amerex CO2 Extinguisher Review

The Amerex co2 extinguisher is a top tier fire suppressing equipment with a lot of impressive features. Its superb design and exceptional performance make it one of the best co2 fire extinguishers on the market right now.

This extinguisher is a rugged masterpiece that can withstand consistent use without the risk of it becoming less efficient or falling apart. Since it was made from premium quality aluminum, you can be confident that it won’t corrode or start rusting months after purchasing it. Even more, it was painted with high-quality and durable polyester powder paint.

Amerex, the brand behind this top-notch extinguisher is reputable and have a good track record for making premium quality extinguishers, so you can purchase it with confidence.

The Amerex co2 extinguisher measures 12″ W X 7″ D X 24″ H, weighs 10 pounds and is perfect for putting out flammable liquids and electrical related fires. It works perfectly within the temperature range of -22 F to 120 F, has a discharge range of 3-8 feet, and a discharge time of 11 seconds.

One of the main reasons why people opt for this extinguisher over others out there is that it is warranty protected. So, if its performance declines or it stops working properly within five years after purchasing it, you are protected.

The versatility of this extinguisher makes it a great option for hospitals and certain facilities.

This extinguisher comes with accessories like- wall bracket, horn, and hose. So, you won’t have to splash some cash to purchase them separately.
Using the Amerex co2 extinguisher is relatively easy. In fact, it comes with a bi-lingual label that contains basically everything you need to know about using and maintaining it. Also, it comes with a large pull pin. Since the pin is large, you will be able to quickly discharge its content in the event of an emergency.

To ensure that this extinguisher is of top quality, it was tested to ANSI/ULL standards and was approved by the USCG.

Obviously, the Amerex co2 extinguisher is a high-performance fire suppressing equipment with a handful of impressive features. But it has a few issues. First, it is expensive. Also, it has a very short dispense time of 11 seconds. But of course, this takes nothing from its overall performance and efficiency.

If you are looking for a premium quality co2 fire extinguisher, then you should opt for the Amerex co2 extinguisher, you won’t regret it.

Amerex B402
Amerex B402


  • 5-year warranty
  • Bi-lingual label
  • It is rust-resistant
  • Certified by the USCG
  • Temperature range of -22 F to 120 F
  • Large loop pull pin
  • It has an all-metal valve construction
  • Long-lasting polyester paint
  • User-friendly


  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to use
  • It can effectively put out Class B and C fire.
  • Solid construction


  • It is expensive
  • It has a short dispense time
Amerex B402, 5 lb. ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, with Wall Bracket
  • ABC Dry Chemical, Class A:B:C Extinguisher
  • For use on Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (Flammable liquid) spills or Fires involving live electrical equipment (Class C)
  • Includes Wall Bracket
  • All metal valve construction, Aluminum Valve

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