iBlockFire – Foam Spray Fire Extinguisher Review

If you are looking for a portable, lightweight, and environmentally friendly fire extinguisher, the is a good place to start. Its user-friendly design, and out of this world performance are going to leave your jaws on the floor.

Unlike other extinguishers out there that contain toxic substances like phosphate and Fluorosuractant Butyl Diglycol that can contaminate the environment, the iBlockFire is 100% safe and doesn’t leave any harmful residue. Its content has been scrutinized and approved by the National Institute of hygiene as biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

If the content of this extinguisher comes in contact with your skin while using it, don’t be alarmed or panic. You see, the iBlockFire doesn’t contain any harmful substance that can damage the skin. In fact, the content of this extinguisher can be compared with a cosmetic product, detergent, or shampoo. So, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

As you likely know, most fire extinguishers on the market are heavy and bulky, but the iBlockFire is exceptional, as it weighs a mere 1.32 pounds. Since it is lightweight, you can comfortably take it with you during your travels or while on vacation.

The versatility of this extinguisher makes it a great option for home and office use. With it, you will be able to put out Class A (Wood, rubber, and paper) Class B (petrol, tar, acetone, and others) Class C (gas vapors and propane) Class F (animal fats and vegetable fats) and electrical related fires.

To ensure that you use it correctly, the iBlockFire comes with a comprehensive, clear, and easy to understand instructions which are presented in the form of pictures. This will save from racking your brain, trying to figure things out on your own.

The iBlockFire is fitted with a unique cap that makes it different from other products on the market. Its spray head or nozzle is designed to help the content of the extinguisher foam properly. Even more, increases its range by more than 40%.

The content of this extinguisher is made with premium quality aluminum, which makes it corrosion-proof, lightweight, and recyclable.

Talking about performance, the iBlockFire can smother flames quickly before it spirals out of control. Its content doesn’t evaporate moments after spraying it, rather, it settles until the flame is engulfed.

The iBlockFire is unarguably one of the best fire extinguishers on the market, as it is versatile, efficient, and environmentally friendly, but it has one issue. It is only suitable for putting out small fires, as its content may not be enough to put out mid-sized and large fires.


  • Approved by the National Institute of Hygiene
  • 8-meter range
  • Its bottle is made from premium quality aluminum
  • A special nozzle that helps it foam properly
  • Corrosion-resistant valve head


  • It is easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It is reusable
  • Fully biodegradable
  • It is versatile
  • It can effectively put out Class A, B, C, F and electrical related fires


  • It is only suitable for putting out a small fire, as its content may not be enough to put out large and mid-sized fires.

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